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Option #1

This option covers locations/contractors that need one or two employees trained and monitored.


Option #2

This option covers locations/contractors that need three to six employees trained and monitored.


Option #3

With Option #3, you will receive your 8-hour New Miner, Experienced Miner, or Annual Refresher training online,
in eight

Cost per Person: $100

Basic Plan

All plans have the following included:

  • File and maintain your MSHA Contractor Legal ID,

  • Design, update, and maintain your MSHA Approved Training Plan

  • File your MSHA Quarterly Employment Reports,

  • Maintain your Independent Contractor Registry,

  • Construct and Provide an MSHA Compliance E-Binder,

  • Provide weekly Safety Tailgate Talks that coincide with your Approved Training Plan, and

  • Provide online mandatory New Miner Training and Annual Refresher Training seats for the number listed in each Option.

Option #4

Option #4 is the preferred and most sought-after Option.

This Option has been found to be the least burdensome and disruptive on you and your employee's time.

With this Option, once you have your New Miner training completed, your yearly Annual Refresher Training is conducted through the use of weekly Tailgate Talks which are specific to your training plan.

I will file for your Contractor Legal ID; design, update, and maintain your Training Plan; file your MSHA quarterly reports on time; maintain your independent contractor registry, and construct and provide you with an electronic MSHA Compliance Binder.

Starting at: $200

(dependent on the number of employees who will be using the service)

Specialized Options Are Available, Inquire Now!

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