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About Me

Over the last thirty years, I have held various jobs in the wood and rock industries: Various lumber and cement industry positions, Logger, Laborer, Labor Supervisor, Electrician, Equipment Operator, Lead Man, Field Safety Technician, Safety Coordinator, Safety Manager, and Safety Consultant to just name a few; however, right now I am presenting myself to you as a Safety Consultant in regard to MSHA Part 46 and 50 recordkeeping, and Part 56 compliance.

I have over twelve years’ experience with MSHA compliance:

As a Safety Manager for two different cement plants, I have personally been part of over 200 MSHA regulatory compliance inspections which varied from the basic annual inspections, all the way to a fatality investigation.  I am experienced in negotiating conditions in the field before they become a citation, on up to and including arguing my case before Administrative Law Judges. 

With this all said, I can tell you I know two things: the easiest citation for an inspector to write is a paperwork citation, and inspectors are drawn to contractors like a moth to a flame.  Let me put a damper on those citations by taking some of the burdens away from you, and letting you do your job.

Timothy King, CMSP

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